Square Sounds is a boutique micro-festival that celebrates the world’s foremost chipmusic talent.

Join us on September 21st and 22nd!

With Game boys, Commodores and other consoles scavenged from op shops and forgotten toyboxes in hand, artists come together from all over the world to stretch the boundaries of what video game consoles can do; coaxing mind-bending sights and sounds from these unlikely tools. Building a community is what the last four years have been all about and in year number five, we have managed to line up some of our most requested artists from talented newcomers to legends of the scene, bringing them together across four days of music and visuals.

This is the 5th year of SST, and we have racked up almost 100 artists from around the world. This year, as always, we have an exceptional line-up of artists and visualists taking centre stage at KOENJI HIGH. Definitely, a massive weekend not to be missed!! Whether you’re coming along to catch some of your favourites on the main stage, or taking the stage at the open mic to show off what you can do; Square Sounds caters for fans, artists and future legends of the scene.

Check the LINE UP!!


Toriena is the queen of chiptune in Japan.
She started producing music in 2012 in Kyoto, and began the Japanese chiptune label “MADMILKY RECORDS” in 2013. Since then she has been involved in lyric writing, song writing and arrangement, artwork and vocals.
Her unique approach to chiptune sees her using both authentic hardware such as Gameboys as well as modern DAWs for hard hard HARD as nails poppy chip music. She has supplied music for projects with both Konami and Capcom and has appeared at a number of international music concerts such as Square Sounds Melbourne 2015, HYPER JAPAN 2017, MAGFest 2018.
In October 2018, she released her full album on MADMILKY titled SIXTHSENSE RIOT



Kenji is a graphic artist, illustrator, and promotional video creator with a speciality in pixel art. He has been the main graphic designer and VJ for Square Sounds Tokyo for as long as I can remember (Cheapshot). He has also created a number of chiptune/retro game style applications and games for mobile devices.

In 2019, he won the best in show award at the SHIBUYA PIXELART CONTEST. Unbelievable!!



A VJ unit from Higashi-Totsuka and Tama New Town
TAKASAKI Yusuke:Programmer and planner. He writes odd code and stuff.
Hermippe:An illustrator and embroidery specialist. He draws pixel art with a dark, brooding feel.








Lazerbeat makes low-resolution visuals for electronic music. He hero-worships NO CARRIER and m7kenji.



This year, cTrix is back – with an onslaught of FM from 3 x Megadrives! Enjoy the chaos as he creates the ultimate disaster area of deep modulated beats, high energy dance and groovy FM-wave.
There will be filters squelching, flanger dips, guaranteed DJM reverb on all them builds and up to 18 channels of manually sync’d FM channels. Boom!

Come live the FM Lyf in 2019.


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skybox has been making HI-NRG LO-FI dance pop using two Gameboys for over a decade. He has been a curator and organizer for chiptune scenes in the United States including Piko Piko Detroit and Pacific Noise Works as well as a featured artist on notable labels such as MADMILKY RECORDS and Galaxy Swim Team.


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Photo by Chiptography https://www.chiptography.com/


With a decade in the chiptune scene under various aliases, Gesceap is a seasoned electronica producer who focuses on using Nanoloop mobile on iOS and Android devices to make music. The genre is a mix of IDM, chiptune and electro with bass-centric melodies and ambient backdrops.


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Internet Chiptune Man. Pronounced Shi No Ryuu
As part of the chiptune circle Novtos, Sinoryu also creates music as part of the unit: Chouette Blanc.

Sinoryu also creates music for indie games and compilations.

His interests are in creating cute and cool chiptune.


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YMCK is the 8bit music unit formed by 3 persons.

The most prominent feature of the band is the 8bit sound that reminds people of old game consoles, which attracts enthusiastic support from a wide range of generations. The 1st album “Family music” released in 2004 made a big hit and made their popularity unassailable. Their unique style of live performances using 8bit pixel animation is also highly acclaimed. Their activities are not limited in Japan but also made successes in performing at international music festivals around the world: France, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand, more than 8 countries. Besides those things above, YMCK does a wide range of activities, such as remix works, video game soundtracks, DJ performances, development of 8bit sound plug-in VSTi software “Magical 8bit Plug ” and “ YMCK Player ” for iPhone etc.


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A unique blend of chiptune and ska, WABISAVITA! are the most powerful chip-duo out there!

Using the Magical 8-bit plug VST and a band-like sound, WABISAVITA! produce killer tracks. Don’t miss them!

・Super happy, high-energy tracks
・Powerful songs and melodies
・Dramatic song structures
・Narrative, story-like lyrics
・Fun, fun fun! dance and pico pico!!

Famicomposer – T.TSUKUNE


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