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Toriena is the queen of chiptune in Japan. She started producing music in 2012 in Kyoto, and began the Japanese chiptune label “MADMILKY RECORDS” in 2013. Since then she has been involved in lyric writing, song writing and arrangement, artwork and vocals. Her unique approach to chiptune sees her using both authentic hardware such as… Read more »


This year, cTrix is back – with an onslaught of FM from 3 x Megadrives! Enjoy the chaos as he creates the ultimate disaster area of deep modulated beats, high energy dance and groovy FM-wave. There will be filters squelching, flanger dips, guaranteed DJM reverb on all them builds and up to 18 channels of… Read more »


skybox has been making HI-NRG LO-FI dance pop using two Gameboys for over a decade. He has been a curator and organizer for chiptune scenes in the United States including Piko Piko Detroit and Pacific Noise Works as well as a featured artist on notable labels such as MADMILKY RECORDS and Galaxy Swim Team. Links… Read more »


With a decade in the chiptune scene under various aliases, Gesceap is a seasoned electronica producer who focuses on using Nanoloop mobile on iOS and Android devices to make music. The genre is a mix of IDM, chiptune and electro with bass-centric melodies and ambient backdrops. minima by Gesceap Links ~ Bandcamp ~ Facebook ~… Read more »


Internet Chiptune Man. Pronounced Shi No Ryuu As part of the chiptune circle Novtos, Sinoryu also creates music as part of the unit: Chouette Blanc. Sinoryu also creates music for indie games and compilations. His interests are in creating cute and cool chiptune. Links ~ Soundcloud ~ Twitter ~ Bandcamp


YMCK is the 8bit music unit formed by 3 persons. The most prominent feature of the band is the 8bit sound that reminds people of old game consoles, which attracts enthusiastic support from a wide range of generations. The 1st album “Family music” released in 2004 made a big hit and made their popularity unassailable…. Read more »


A unique blend of chiptune and ska, WABISAVITA! are the most powerful chip-duo out there! Using the Magical 8-bit plug VST and a band-like sound, WABISAVITA! produce killer tracks. Don’t miss them! ・Super happy, high-energy tracks ・Powerful songs and melodies ・Dramatic song structures ・Narrative, story-like lyrics ・Fun, fun fun! dance and pico pico!! Welcome to… Read more »


SUPERSTARS is a unit comprised of Rapper – smallest Lyricist – Kobayashi Beatmaker – Kunio 90% of their output comes from sitting around drinking coffee and chatting… Always write their name in full caps without space. k? cool. SUPERALBUM by SUPERSTARS Links ~ Bandcamp ~ Soundcloud ~


Kplecraft (pronounced playcraft). Using 8-bit gaming consoles, saxophone and perverted percussion, Kplecraft bring a wild and spacy vibe to any event. Look out for their brand new album, coming June 24th on CheapBeats! Links ~ Kuon Records ~ Homepage ~ Soundcloud ~ Twitter ~ YouTube  

Diddley Nishioka

BLIP, TWANG, FUZZ! Chiptunes meets Blues, Rockabilly, Surf, and Garage Punk!!! Guitarist of The Poseidons, DIDBURNS, Nih Khmers, and CHILDISH TONES. Links ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Soundcloud ~