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本イベントの主催者で、イギリス出身のCheapshotです。チップチューンのレーベル、CheapBeats Recordsやチップチューンフェスティバル「Square Sounds Tokyo」を主催しています。 大学時代(2001年)に曲作りを始め、テクノを中心に作ってきました。2009年に8-bitの音に惚れ、曲を作るたびに、8-bitの要素を徐々に多く入れるようになりました。 2014年までは、主に初代ゲームボーイとLSDJで、ピュアな8-bit世界で実験したり、遊んだり、曲を作ったりをしていました。他にはLittle Piggy TrackerやNanoloopでアルバムを出しています。最近はNanoloopとTeenage EngineeringのPO12ドラムマシンでライブをしています。お楽しみに! リリースはmetrodub、と8bitpeoples、OSCBoxとCheapbeatsでEPやアルバムを出しています。 Nano夏 by cheapshot Links ~ CheapBeats ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ SoundCloud ~


Breezesquad is a project by Manoske, a graphic designer from Fukuoka. He started producing music with a folk and ethnic vibe back in 2011 which also inspired his direction in terms of graphic design also. In 2017 he went on a tour in South America, specifically Chile and Argentina. Based on this experience, he released… Read more »


2Pcolor is one of the most unique chip artists… or artists in general actually!! He started creating tracks back in 2016 as the TV android 2Pcolor and released his first album in 2017. In 2018 he started his own chiptune event called Pico Pico Panic. Finally, he played the 2018 Square Sounds Tokyo post party…. Read more »

Starving GOGO

Starving GOGO is a chiptune/micromusic project born in early 2014 by Flavio Aster Bissolati. He’s part of the new wave of Italian Micromusic and he mainly composes on LSDj for Game Boy (DMG01) and FamiTracker, but more recently also with nanoloop mono and Pocket Operators (by Teenage Engineering). In September 2014 his first EP “L(a)UNCHBOX”… Read more »


Chibi-tech is an American music composer and sound designer living in Japan & working in gamedev. A prominent specialist within the Japanese game industry especially for her chiptune craft, she’s contributed various works for companies such as Capcom, Cave, Marvelous, Sega, SNK, 5pb., amongst others. But with great power comes great responsibility… with the potential… Read more »


DEFENSE MECHANISM is a chiptune musician who combines intricate compositional prowess with a love of catchy melodies to create kickass dance tunes using LSDj on a Nintendo Gameboy. He has been performing Gameboy music live since 2016 and has enjoyed sharing his knowledge with the chiptune community at large, educating other LSDj users on the… Read more »