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This year, cTrix is back – with an onslaught of FM from 3 x Megadrives! Enjoy the chaos as he creates the ultimate disaster area of deep modulated beats, high energy dance and groovy FM-wave. There will be filters squelching, flanger dips, guaranteed DJM reverb on all them builds and up to 18 channels of… Read more »


skybox has been making HI-NRG LO-FI dance pop using two Gameboys for over a decade. He has been a curator and organizer for chiptune scenes in the United States including Piko Piko Detroit and Pacific Noise Works as well as a featured artist on notable labels such as MADMILKY RECORDS and Galaxy Swim Team. Links… Read more »


With a decade in the chiptune scene under various aliases, Gesceap is a seasoned electronica producer who focuses on using Nanoloop mobile on iOS and Android devices to make music. The genre is a mix of IDM, chiptune and electro with bass-centric melodies and ambient backdrops. minima by Gesceap Links ~ Bandcamp ~ Facebook ~… Read more »

Starving GOGO

Starving GOGO is a chiptune/micromusic project born in early 2014 by Flavio Aster Bissolati. He’s part of the new wave of Italian Micromusic and he mainly composes on LSDj for Game Boy (DMG01) and FamiTracker, but more recently also with nanoloop mono and Pocket Operators (by Teenage Engineering). In September 2014 his first EP “L(a)UNCHBOX”… Read more »


DEFENSE MECHANISM is a chiptune musician who combines intricate compositional prowess with a love of catchy melodies to create kickass dance tunes using LSDj on a Nintendo Gameboy. He has been performing Gameboy music live since 2016 and has enjoyed sharing his knowledge with the chiptune community at large, educating other LSDj users on the… Read more »